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CK-MB/cTnI/Myo for Immunoassay Analyzer by Getein Biotech

Detection Method: colloidal gold, a quantitative test for use with the FIA8000 Quantitative Immunoassay Analyzer. Detection Range: CK-MB: 2.5-80.0 ng/ml cTnI: 0.5-50.0 ng/ml Myo: 30-600 ng/ml Cut-off Value: CK-MB: 5.0 ng/ml cTnI: 0.5 ng/ml Myo: 70 ng/ml

B2-MG for Immunoassay Analyzer by Getein Biotech

Simple, easy to use; Fast, results in 3 minutes; Easy to read results; Use whole blood, serum or plasma; Room temperature storage; Clinical Application: Evaluation of the kidney disease;

BD Vacutainer Plasma Preparation Tubes (PPT)

The one-step, closed-system tube for blood collection, undiluted plasma preparation and transportation offers convenience, safety and high-quality plasma for molecular diagnostic testing. This product is for in vitro diagnostic use.

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